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Welcome to The Veg Food Diaries Melbourne!

20 May

I am an avid vegetarian. I am also an avid foodie.

Me in Thailand!

So when the I was told for the 47385th time how it was impossible to be passionate about food and simultaneously not eat meat, I decided to create this blog and prove them wrong.

Since my 5 years of being meat-free I have eaten the most amazing vegetarian dishes that would make even the most hardened carnivore weak at the knees.

There are so many options out there these days and I want the world to know about it.

With this blog I am going to document and review all of the restaurants I visit in relation to their vegetarian options – from fine dining, to cafes, to pizza bars to cheap eats – I’ll cover it all.

Whilst this blog is based in Melbourne, I am fortunate enough to travel quite frequently so expect reviews from around Australia and the globe!

I am also going to share some delicious recipes I have whipped up at home and  show you where the best veg food is hiding in the supermarket.

I hope this blog will be a refuge for all  of my veg-food loving friends who want great food, without the fuss.

Love The Veg Food Diaries Melbourne

Spanish Eggs @ El Burro

Ichi Ni Japanese

Pancakes @ Nosh