25 Jul

So I headed to Sydney the other weekend and boy oh boy, the food sure is good up north!

I managed to visit some pretty awesome restaurants whilst I was there, including the best restaurant in Australia according to the San Pellegrino 100 Best Restaurants in the World list.

When a restaurant receives such an honour, I’m not going to lie, you go into the meal with a helmet on your head to protect it from being blown away.

Lame pun, I know, but you know what I mean.

Anyway so as I’ve said before, you can never expect too many vegetarian options when eating fine dining. But usually there are a few entrees, sides and maybe a main if you’re lucky.

At Quay, you can either pick from the degustation menu (which can be done vegetarian, but at $220 a head felt a tad excessive) or you select the 3 course or 4 course menu option, which involves picking a dish from each course.

One of the three choices of bread available

3 course didn’t include dessert so naturally I went for the 4 course delight.

There was a vegetarian option in each course which made it handy to order.

We were all given a gorgeous tasting at the start. I can’t remember what mine had in it (sorry!) but I do remember it being delicious…


For my starter I had the “Salad of pickled rhubarb, endive, beetroot, purple carrot, rosa radish, kohlrabi, sheeps milk curd, pomegranate molasses, violets” phew! Don’t feel alone if you don’t know what half of the ingredients are I am listing, just trust me that they taste damn good!

First Course

Tangy, mild, sweet and creamy – it was just gorgeous!

For the next course I was given the “Organic heirloom carrots, cumin, fennel & celery seeds, comté-infused curd, almonds, amaranth.”

Second Course

The carrot puree was to die for. It was lighter than air and complimented every flavour alongside it whilst melting in my mouth.

My main was the “Roasted new season chestnuts, grain, nut & seed risotto, truffle cream.”

Main Course

It wasn’t exactly what I expected as I was preparing for a creamy, heavy risotto a la Tutto Benne in Melbourne.

Instead the flavour was extremely nutty, obviously due to the chestnuts, and it was gritty.

This, let me make it clear, does not mean I didn’t enjoy it any less! I had never had such a risotto and I really enjoyed it.

Now for dessert. I ordered the famous “Guava & custard apple snow egg.”


My mouth salivates just thinking of it! It was unlike any dessert I’d ever had. I enjoyed it immensely. I have to stop talking about it. I want it now!


So all in all, I didn’t need my helmet (afterall, it’s impossible for your mind to ACTUALLY be blown from eating food) but this doesn’t mean I didn’t absolutely love everything I was served.

The staff were attentive and friendly and the views of the harbour were phenomenal.

It is costly. So casually heading to Quay for lunch might be a stretch.

It is well worth a special birthday or event!

Vegetarian options: 4/10
Food: 9/10
Decor/interior: 9/10
Service: 8/10

Quay on Urbanspoon


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